Bus Connects

What is Bus Connects?

Bus Connects is the NTA’s plan for bus transport in Dublin. It entails construction of 16 Core Bus Corridors, network redesign and simplification of fares and payment.

What does it involve?

  •  Bus Network redesign to consist of 7 main spines fed by smaller branches and some orbitals. 
  • Construction of 16 main corridors with up to 20 metres width of carriageway with provision for a bus lane, a general traffic lane, a footpath and a cycle lane in each direction. (Image below)
  • Land take, private and public, including front gardens, driveways, walls and trees etc.
  • Converting traffic lanes to bus lanes with priority signalling.
  • Traffic re-routing, road closures, making some roads one-way, banning some right or left-hand turns.
  • Reducing and removing on-street parking.
  • Removing loading areas.
  • Removing trees and footpaths.
  • Removing historic boundaries and property.

What's the process?


2018 - 2019



2021 - 2027

Mid 2018: Network redesign proposals published and feedback sought.

Late 2018 and early 2019:
Emerging Core Bus Corridors published.

2019: Final route changes to be made. Environmental impact assessed, engineering design optimised. Preparation for CPO

2020: Submission of statutary planning application to ABP. Deliberation by ABP with oral hearings as required. Revisions as necessary .

2021- 2027: CPO and property acquisition process. Construction progresses.